The Benefits of Manuka Honey

Posted by Alanna Rainey on

Found in New Zealand, Manuka Honey has made its way to the United States and is taking the beauty industry by storm. Most often used in skin care, Manuka Honey is extremely different from traditional grade honey because of its antibacterial properties. If you suffer from dry scalp, acne prone skin, or dry patches on any part of your skin, Manuka Honey brings hydration to your skin as it helps to reduce inflammation. 

As we were researching the millions of product bases to formulate our curl care line, (you guessed it) we found that Manuka Honey is PERFECT for curly, kinky, and coily textured hair. Because Manuka Honey it is a natural humectant that attracts and retains moisture, we were so excited to use it in our products to help you trap and seal moisture into your curls. 


When using honey for curl care it can help nourish, moisturize and smooth dull, dry hair. Tell us about your experience when using our Manuka Honey based curl care products. 


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