Nirvana Botanicals Knot-Free Detangling Brush

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Having trouble finger detangling those beautiful curls? 

Use our Knot-Free Detangling Brush to help you get through your wash day with EASE! Our 8-comb brush design is curved to the shape of your head, allowing you to brush out those stressful tangles with minimal shedding in half the time. Use the attachment to determine how wide you'd like your brush for maximum detangling. 

To Use: 

Ensure your hair is WET!

Apply the Knot-Free Detangling Brush attachment to the brush to open the brush head to your liking.

Apply leave-in conditioner of your choice and seal in the moisture using our CoCo Dream Buttercreme.

Part your hair in 8 or more sections and slowly detangle your hair from TIPS TO ROOTS (being careful to not add tension).

Once your hair is fully detangled, proceed to styling.